Honey Margarons in Collaboration with Z Specialty Foods
Honey Margarons in Collaboration with Z Specialty Foods
Honey Margarons in Collaboration with Z Specialty Foods
Honey Margarons in Collaboration with Z Specialty Foods

Honey Margarons in Collaboration with Z Specialty Foods

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Imagine you've never tasted honey in your life. Never! And then one day you are given a spoonful of thick golden liquid and told to try it.

You put it into your mouth and you get immediate sweetness, the texture of melting thickness and the flavors! Flavors you never imagined tasting, like: the inside of a flower, the veins of a tree, the taste of hidden secrets. Are you with me? 


It's thanks to Z Specialty Food that we are doing a deep dive into the flavors of their Moon Shine Trading Co. specialty honey, as tasted through macarons, for the month of March. This family owned & run, multi generation honey (& other specialty foods) company got its humble starts from the inspirational effect of one man tasting one very special & uniquely gentle honey: California Yellow Star Thistle

In honor of the power of honey & its uniquely uplifting qualities of sweetness, I've crafted 3 superbly special macaron flavors, not just for the sake of making delicious macarons, but to showcase the depth & breadth of 3 unique personalities of this magical substance called honey. 


Our 3 Flavors pulled from the collection of Moonshine Trading Co. honey from Z. Specialty Food:

High Plains Sweet Clover || Gluten Free || Dairy Free

A bright, sweet, warming honey that wants to make you feel like you are tasting sunshine!

To showcase this sunshine quality, we are pairing the Sweet Clover honey with a pistachio macaron shell and a filling of gently dried fresh strawberry slices over coconut cream custard, all drizzled generously with this Sweet Clover Honey.


California Coriander || Gluten Free || Dairy Free

Beer, chocolate sauce & tobacco are the notes that ooze off this honey. It's got the spunk & funk to match some strong cheese, but this honey wanted to go in an entirely unique direction:

Almond macaron shells provide a base for a Ruby Red Grapefruit Curd & a Walnut- Almond Marzipan, both made with this Coriander honey. Finished off with one more dollop of this rich, dark honey, for good measure.

This honey wants you to feel like you are at a party, or rather take you to the feeling of being the life of the party, in the best way possible.


Hawaiian Creamy Lehua Honey || Gluten Free || Dairy Free

With the taste of butterscotch or salted caramel & the nose quality of an excellent dry white (wine), I could easily eat just this honey for the rest of my life.

This honey calls for something big, bold & out of the box. I've never made any flavor like this before:

Almond-Macadamia Nut macaron shells, painted with chocolate infused with orange blossom & rose; a creamy almond butter filling that encloses a secret center of pure Lehua Honey, ready to ooze out at first bite; topped with a touch of lemon zest.

This honey insists on being at the center of such an awesomely unique flavor.


Macaron Details:

Boxes contain 6 macarons in the flavor of your choice. Combo boxes contain 2 macarons of each honey flavor.

All ingredients are sourced extremely mindfully & as locally as possible. Made with all organic ingredients & organic, pasture raised eggs.

Macaron packaging is either compostable or recyclable & free of plastics.

W. Margaron is a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that at least 1% of ALL gross sales goes towards efforts to preserve & protect our planet.


Shipping/Delivery/Pick Up

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Local Delivery: Local Delivery is available to addresses within Davis, Sacramento & Winters. Deliveries will be made the morning of Tuesday, March 17th. Delivery is an additional $12.

Davis/Sac Pick Up:

Davis pick up is available March 15-19. A follow up email will be sent to arrange a mutually convenient pick up time.

Sac Pick up is available Saturday March 14 from 11 am to 2 pm in downtown Sac. Details will be sent in a follow up email.