Custom Orders


With a Custom Order you can get a bulk order (minimum of 18 Margarons) of Margarons in flavors of your choosing. Pricing varies between $2.50 and $3 per Margaron depending on the size of your order.

Check out our flavor list to see what we have year round as well as flavors that are available according to the flow of local, seasonal produce.


Other Details

  • A lead time of 2 weeks is ideal to fulfill custom orders. It is often possible that we can fulfill orders with less lead time, but we cannot guarantee it.
  • All orders may be picked up at our Wednesday Davis Farmer's Market Booth.
  • In order to be as sustainable as possible, all custom orders are packaged our own airtight, reusable storage containers* that we will ask you to return to us. You may return these containers directly to our booth at the Davis Farmer's Market, or make other arrangements as needed.

*In the event that returning containers to us is highly impractical, you may choose to pay a nominal packaging fee to have your Margarons packaged in disposable boxes. This fee varies depending upon the size of your order.


To place your order

All custom orders must be placed over email. Please use our contact page or email to place an order inquiry.