Custom Orders

Looking for Margarons for your own Gathering or Celebration?


Custom orders are a great way to get exactly what you need for your celebration. Custom orders require a minimum order of 18 Margarons. 

We offer 2 ways to order:

1) Choose your own flavors for your order. 

If choosing your own flavors, your order must be in multiples of 18. You may choose one flavor for every 18 margarons you order. This is a great option for large orders! We strongly prefer to do seasonal flavors! Check out our flavor list for ideas of what's available seasonally. You can also present flavors you'd like an I can work to create them with you.

2) Choose flavors from our weekly bake.

Most of the year I am baking a new set of flavors every week for the farmer's market. For smaller orders where you desire lots of flavor variety, you can pick and choose your flavors from my weekly flavor list. 

Inquiries & Orders 

All custom orders must be placed over email. Please use our contact page or email to place an order inquiry.