Holiday Flavor Guide

Want to know the enticing details about each of our holiday flavors?
This guide will help you figure out what to order.
All of these flavors are GLUTEN-FREE! Some of them are also dairy-free, for those who have multiple food sensitivities.


Pistachio Lavender 

Our most popular flavor by far. Very nutty from pistachios in both the shell and in the creamy pistachio butter filling. A light wash of lavender compliments without overwhelming.


Cinnamon Honey Almond

A smooth almond butter filling: sweet and salty with a pop of cinnamon and notes of our raw, local wildflower honey.


Salted Caramel

Everyone loves salted caramel! A known and loved flavor, expect ours to be on the creamy side of caramels.


Coconut Cream Salted Caramel (dairy free)

The nuttiness of coconut mingles with a molasses tasting caramel. Coconut cream and coconut oil replace the diary in this caramel to create a flavor that surprises and delights all - dairy friendly and dairy free alike.


Chocolate Honey Fudge (dairy free)

Serious chocolate! Our rich cocoa powder gives the cookie a dense, brownie like texture. A dairy free filling of only almond butter, coconut oil, cocoa, and honey make an equally rich middle. For chocolate lovers only!


Pistachio Sage Lemon (November only)

One of our most delightful combos that unfolds its flavors like a good wine: pistachio, bright lemon and subtle sage come in distinct waves of flavor. Subtle and surprising.


Pecan Pumpkin (November only)

Toasty, buttery pecan makes the cookie shells while freshly roasted pumpkin makes for an extremely moist filling flavored with classic pie spices and sweetened with just a touch of maple syrup.


Chocolate Orange (December only)

Rich chocolate, brownie like cookie with a creamy bright orange filling. The classic chocolate-orange flavor delivered in a n ultra fresh and rich yet light way.


Ginger Molasses (December only)

Strong, spicy, rich, powerful! For all the molasses lovers and gingerbread lovers, this is our favorite version of a holiday season classic.