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Our Promise: Pure Pleasure

For the seekers of that next awakening (eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head) bite, we recommend taking a seat and a deep breath before your first Margaron experience.

Light chew, delicate crunch, uniquely balanced flavors and the best of farm-sourced real foods come together for a sumptuous experience of pure sensory pleasure.

You may find yourself eating the whole box. That's how we roll. And it's why we say:

To be shared, or not.

Joyful Responses:

The literal BEST macarons I've ever had! With clean, local ingredients and unique flavors, these are the perfect gift. Can't recommend W. Margaron enough!

Benjamin G.

 It was super easy for us to order what we wanted... they looked beautiful and fairly flew off the plates! I got many complements but, alas, not many leftovers!

The Margarons made the perfect sweet ending to the sweet celebration of my son’s bar mitzvah. I’m looking forward to ordering more for future events!   

Shannah W.

Margarons are unlike any dessert I've ever tasted! They are fluffy yet slightly crunchy and somehow have both a cake and cookie consistency. I've tried several flavors and they are all amazing (my personal favorite is the pistachio).

Emily E.

 A soft complicated inner flavor surrounded by a balance of a crispier texture and sweetness, most yummy... edible artistry.

Lauren V.

 Fresh fruit, nut flours, subtle spice blends and Margaret's intelligent focus on nutritional value make me want to eat these sweet delights every day instead of just on special occasions.

Diana M.

Incredibly beautiful and incredible tasty. Little works of art and bliss.

Katie K.

Our Commitments

We are committed to using the best quality LOCAL foods, grown by truly local farmer's and producers.

When we say local it means: we look to source food grown by farmer's in the Davis and surrounding area first, and then we look to farmer's within Northern California.

When we say high quality it means: real, fresh, whole foods that are primarily organic, and animal based foods (dairy and eggs) that are pasture raised and/or organic.

Custom Orders

Made with our love

Our intention is to craft desserts that feel truly special and nourishing at every level